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Light of Veilendor is a third-person action-adventure game in which the main character you play is a mighty crystal wolf from an ancient wolf clan descended from the first gods. The wolf has several skills and powers that you learn more about and will be able to use during the game, where you have to explore and follow the clues that unfold through the narrative.

Light of Veilendor is a fantasy game set in a dark and gloomy world called Veilendor. The light of life has disappeared and the chosen seeker after this is the mighty white crystal wolf. During his journey, the wolf will encounter various mythological creatures that lead to wonder and challenges.

Nalycan is a Norwegian indie studio that aims and passion to develop video games that moves, engage and bring joy. The company was founded in 2015 where we started our journey by developing various games for mobile platform and games for learning.

On the way forward, we have developed to have the competence we want to be able to make larger games, based on the concepts and narratives that we have long wanted to convey.

We are otherwise continuously in development, and experience great pleasure in exploring new interactive media for dissemination and new tools for use in our work.